Let’s close deals together.

We Deliver Correctional Industry Sales-Qualified Leads.

We deliver the only thing a salesperson cares about… leads ready to close. We track down and hand over sales-qualified leads, specific to your Correctional Industry capabilities, that are ready to convert into sales.

No Marketing team? No problem. We have award-winning Correctional Industry marketing experience – finding new opportunities to close more deals.

Save time and money by letting us put our skills to work for you.

  • Return on Investment – Small investments yielding huge dividends.
  • Continued Growth – Reducing overhead while gaining experience.
  • Sales-Qualified Leads – Complete information to close the deal.

  • Team Support – We are here to help.

Bring in the closers.

Need more than just leads? The Corrections Funnel team comprises years of experience in seeking out, researching, and honing in on leads that turn into sales and new business ventures.



Sales Qualified Leads Explained

Sales Qualified Leads Explained. By Adam Fyffe For every type of transaction that happens around the world, there’s some type of buying intent that leads to the final purchase decision. In some cases, building up to that [...]