Closing Deals for You.


In the Sales Qualified Leads Explained article, we talked about the importance of moving potential clients into your pipeline as a sales-qualified lead. Those leads can then be handed off to your sales teams as we move on to find you your next lead. But what if we could take it a step further and amplify sales on your behalf?

No matter how great a company’s marketing activities are, success can only be measured once deals are closed. At Corrections Funnel, closing deals completely is another solution offered to help you focus on the business initiatives that will help you grow.

In closing deals, we follow a process similar to the one we use in our lead discovery. First, we get to know the Correctional Institutions in our program to learn exactly where they specialize and determine the full breadth of their capabilities. We then conduct the research on the leads and find the right job based on the specific capability output. We work with you to ensure it’s the right fit, then our dedicated team of experts will close the deal on your behalf.

Outsourcing a sales operation may seem counter intuitive to some organizations, but in reality it comes with many major benefits:

  1. Quickly realize your return on investment – with no upfront fees, your return on investment is guaranteed.
  2. Grow exponentially – as more sales are conducted, the viral effect of word-of-mouth marketing can’t be underestimated. Allowing Corrections Funnel to close deals on your behalf, you’ll reduce your sales overhead while still gaining exposure and experience.
  3. Save time selling to the right customers – Our research team regularly finds the leads that are willing and able to buy your products and solutions today.

You’ll also never be doing this alone. We’ll have our support team ready to answer your questions at any time. For more information and to contact us directly, click here.