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Our team is here for the specific purpose of delivering sales-qualified leads to Correctional Industries (CI) everywhere, either handing over vetted leads or closing the deal completely for you.  Whatever your specific needs are, we are happy to help you grow your CI and reach new goals. Our team has extensive knowledge and experience in expanding into new markets, product launches, and CI marketing.

The Marketer.

Let me start by introducing the team.  My name is Adam Fyffe and I’m the owner of Corrections Funnel.  I have experience in Correctional Industries specifically from Oregon Corrections Enterprises (OCE).  While working as OCE’s Technology and Marketing Specialist, I had the opportunity to create a brand-new website along with forming the current Marketing team.  Starting from scratch, I was able to: create the new OCE website, assemble a Marketing team of five, generate marketing materials, launch social media presence, assist in finding quality employees through modern, cost-effective advertising methods, launch new products, and create a formal system for finding new leads specific to OCE needs.

I value and respect the enthusiasm that Ken Jeske, OCE’s Administrator, had for new ideas.  His desire for continued growth sparked my interest in forming a system of finding new business that could be converted into sales leads. It was after my time at OCE-and while working as a Brand Marketing Manager at a Fortune 100 company-that I truly understood just how important quality leads are for a company. I believe in the Correctional Industries mission and feel there is only growth to come.

The Closer.

My business partner, Mike Kezeor, is a closer by nature and excellent at seeing jobs through. He has a true vision for the process—from drafting ideas on scratch paper to opening the doors. With over 35 years in the construction world, Mike stepped on every rung of the ladder and earned his way up through leadership and knowledge. Mike’s professionalism shines in every business communication and he uses his experience to drill down to the details while safeguarding every aspect of the project. His vast experience in developing new business opportunities has given him the knowledge base to know what to ask and when to ask it.

Together our team holds awards such as the Oregon Department of Corrections Director’s Award and the Oregon Corrections Enterprises Administrator’s Award for Excellence. Our team also developed programs that led OCE to win the NCIA Correctional Industries Performance Excellence Award in 2018.

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