Sales Qualified Leads Explained.


For every type of transaction that happens around the world, there’s some type of buying intent that leads to the final purchase decision. In some cases, building up to that buying intent takes months or even years, especially with large purchases having significant business impact. In other cases, it might be a quick decision made on a whim, but even these impulse purchases have intent behind them. As a manager or salesperson, you need to match your product or service with a customer’s intention to buy.

That’s where lead discovery and qualification come in. Your focus is on selling the furniture, metal fabrication, park equipment, signage, textiles or other contracts and services, and we want that to remain your focus. In a perfect world, new opportunities come straight to your door. There’s a better chance that will happen if you have many marketing tactics in place: email drip campaigns, direct mail campaigns, social media influence, attending trade shows, advertising, having your website search engine optimized, and much, much more. Even then, guaranteeing that new customers will reach out to you is impossible. Our job is to locate, qualify, and hand over new opportunities to Correctional Industries.

At Corrections Funnel, we turn potential prospects into realized opportunities thanks to the diligent work of our lead-sourcing team, who work to discover true BANT-qualified leads.

Not familiar with the BANT qualification system?

In its simplest terms, BANT leads follow four distinct criteria, represented by letters in the BANT acronym. B- Budget. Does the target actually have an allocated budget for the product or service? A – Authority. Is the contact we’ve reached out to the decision-maker? Or do we need to find a way to move higher up the chain? N – Need. Do they have a current need for this product or solution, or is it more of a long-term want? T – Timeframe. Are they ready to buy now? If not, what does the timeline look like for implementation?

You might have the most talented sales team on the planet, but those salespeople can’t make new deals without leads in the pipeline to reach out to. Our process is simple. We develop a potential list of target contacts, otherwise known as marketing qualified leads, and make all of the calls to vet through these contacts. During these calls, we drill down into the details of their business needs and goals and determine if their criteria meet BANT qualification. If they do, they turn from marketing-qualified leads into sales qualified leads. Correctional Institutions in our program will be matched to leads based on specific criteria provided by the CI, at which point we will hand over the leads for your sales team to complete the deal. All information collected during the evaluation process will be handed over as well, so you can continue the conversation right where we left off.

Let us carry some of the burden.

By going through this process, you can switch your focus to other key business initiatives while we handle the otherwise time-consuming task of finding opportunities with the right contacts. You’ll find that your overall conversion rate will skyrocket by making calls to vetted contacts through Corrections Funnel.

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