Opportunity ahead.

Think of what your sales team could accomplish when you have Corrections Funnel seeking viable leads for you. Increase revenue without growing your team. Here are a few of the ways Corrections Funnel can grow your sales.

Looking for contracts?

We don’t just provide physical opportunities, we can also help you grow your ongoing service businesses.



The Corrections Funnel model is a proven set of tasks that move from locating a lead to making the sale. Each member of the team brings essential skills to the table that make our unique model successful. Whether it is finding small town construction projects in overlooked rural areas or closing on major partnerships with large players in the state, we have the experience and know-how to do the same for you.


Our leads are BANT qualified.

We understand how important sales-qualified BANT leads are but you may be wondering, what are BANT leads? BANT is an acronym for budget, authority, needs, and timeline, and it is a type of sales lead qualification process designed to identify leads worth pursuing. As far as qualifying frameworks go, BANT is pretty straightforward.

  • Budget – Project has been approved and funds are in place

  • Authority – The contact provided can approve and make decisions

  • Needs – Client products and/or services are desired
  • Timeline – The window to make the sale is open

A new high school is being built

Example 1

We Provide the Answers

  • Are the funds in place and is the project moving forward?
  • Who can approve your products for purchasing?
  • Which of your products line up with the project?
  • Have these products already been purchased?

A bond passed to help improve parks

Example 2

We Provide the Answers

  • The bond has passed, now what?
  • Who can approve your products for purchasing?
  • The project is massive, where do you fit in?
  • What phase will they be buying your products?